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Tandarekalica (folk dance/song)

A special way of singing among the people is called variously tandarekanje, tarankanje, trarajkanje, tananikanje. This is a vocal mimicking of the playing of sopela, and they would tarankati whenever there was no sopela player, and with the tarankanje of very good singers, they would be able to dance the whole night. Of course, three to four pairs of singers would take turns, for it was a great effort. Tandarekanje is one of the ways that is done with the characteristic syllables (ta-ra-ra, ta-na-na), and it is done in the western part of the island of Krk. In the northern part they add a song with characteristic jolly verses. For example:

You’re nice, you’re very nice
and nicely do comport you
but just a little bit
you walk a little broadly.
ta-ra, tanta-ra-ra-ra