Gold and Silver Dots—A Visualisation of the Folk Music of Krk Island is a self-initiated design and research project which integrates contemporary language of visual communications with folk heritage and tradition. The project is based on a transcription of the unique tonal system of two-part music with narrow intervals of the islands of the northern Adriatic and Istria into a graphic structure. The project consists of a series of fifteen posters which all convey a vernacular composition in the traditional two-part instrumental or vocal performance in a form of the two parallel sequences of silver or gold columns with one to six circles that represent the tones. These graphic structures are combined with photographs that correspond to the represented musical compositions with characteristic motifs from Krk island. Each poster represents one vernacular musical composition.

Selected awards and features:
Joseph Binder Award 2010 — Gold Trophy
Featured in book Graphic Design 3 by Zeixs
Featured on FPO — For Print Only blog

With the linkage of different fields of meaning and communication, they mediate tradition and ambience, but in such a way that a new and autonomous value is created, which feeds back to tradition its image refracted and analysed through the prism of contemporary designer procedures. Design is not a medium of aesthetisation but of interpellation and interpretation of cultural phenomena and the relation of content and design concept becomes an active one...

Maroje Mrduljaš, design and architectural critic (excerpt from the exhibition review)

The work of the young Croatian designers was one of two projects that have touched me in particular. In a magical way, this project visualises the traditional folk music of their homeland through the trinity of photography, puristic textual elements and their personally designed system of displaying rhythm and notation.

Susanne Breitfeld, b. kommunikationsdesign, member of the international jury for the Joseph Binder Award 2010

How to visualize the Folk Music that originates from Krk Island in Croatia? And how to bring it all together for a graphic design exhibition in London? Research, imagination, determination and deep understanding are but a few of the elements that Sabina Barbiš and Mario Depicolzuane brought to the show held in the last two weeks in February 2010.

Bryony Gomez-Palacio, FPO — For Print Only blog